Warrrior Air Pistol 1931-39

Warrrior Air Pistol 1931-39 Featured Ad

*A very rare British made air pistol with side lever cocking mechanism in
pretty good condition throughout. These pistols were only made between 1931 and 1939 and very rarely come up for sale. *

*A warrior air pistol in 177 calibre. On L.H.S of frame stamped there
appear a double stamping*


*This may make this air pistol a unique collector's item.*

*Please note buyer pays for insured, person to person mail, to the dealer
of your choice. No personal collection available.*


Calibre/Item: 177

Make: Made by by Accles & Shelvoke Ltd Birminghamam

Action: Air Pistol Single pellets

Price: $900.00

Model: F. Clarke's Patent Number Brit 351268 USA 538057

Barrel Length: 7.5 inches total length

Condition: Fair

Serial No: 3664

Firearms Licence Number: 404413258

Transferring Dealer: Buyers Nominee

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