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Genuine Swarovski 2 X doubler for sale...that LR deer is identified quickly at range with the doubler fitted, takes seconds to install/remove.
I have been also using it as a spotter when sighting in.

2x doubler designed for select Swarovski SLC and EL binoculars
Delivers twice the magnification of binocular's initial lenses
Attaches to eye cup after twist-in piece is removed
Turns binocular into powerful monocular telescope
Fits Swarovski SLC 56, EL 32, SLC 50, and SLC 42 models
Turn out eyepiece for spectacle wearers.

Price plus post in Australia.

Amazon currently list @ $479 USD.


Calibre/Item: MISC - Swarovski Doubler

Price: $350.00

Model: Swarovski Optiks Eyepiece 2x Doubler for EL and SLC Binoculars

Condition: Very Good

Firearms Licence Number: 483-281-51B

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