Nikko Sterling Silver Crown WATERPROOF

Nikko Sterling Silver Crown WATERPROOF Featured Ad

Very good condition rifle scope functionally and optically. Slight marked cosmetically (metal showing through in some places). This scope is one made in Japan so probably quite rare these days. It is extremely sharp and clear optically. I obtained it second hand so know nothing of it's past but know it is a quality instrument. It is only 4 power so would suit either a enthusiastic beginner, very competitive shooter or hunter. When I first came by it I was amazed by the clarity of the image through it. Only selling because I am concentrating on open-sights in 0.22 calibre. Not sure if this model is still available new. But don't think it is the case from Japan. Lovely instrument.


Calibre/Item: SCOPEs - Nikko Sterling Silver Crown WATERPROOF

Make: Nikko Sterling Japan

Price: $100.00

Model: Silver Crown

Scope/Sights: Silver Crown (Japan) 4 X40

Condition: Very Good

Firearms Licence Number: 409336319

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