Mint 1943 .303 Savage 2 Groove Barrel

Mint 1943 .303 Savage 2 Groove Barrel Featured Ad

This .303 British Savage 1943 "US PROPERTY" rifle is in pristine mint
unissued condition. It's all matching numbers to its component parts. With
this rifle will be included a spare un-numbered magazine, a Savage bayonet
& it's scabbard - no frog, a full set of foresight blades, oil bottle &
pull through. In the photo's below the rifle will be sold with some
reproduction tools and No4 books all new. With a soft cover bag. The stock
is in mint pristine condition with no dings all dents. However has been
over oiled leaving it dry in storage but sweats in sunlight. The furniture
is birchwood with a beautiful tiger pattern. Photo doesn't bring out how
good it looks. The rifle has never been disassembled to remove all the
cosmoline greese from metal parts, with some work on the stock to remove
excess oil, it would really enhance the furniture. The rifle has New
Zealand stamping's and a NZ serial Number?
I am able to supply additional photo's if a genuine buyer wishes.
This is a regret full sale, but I wish to purchase a rifle which I can
shoot, as I don't wish to put a round through this rifle.
Sorry not negotiable on asking sale price.


Calibre/Item: 303

Make: Savage

Action: Bolt

Price: $2,500.00

Model: No4 Mk1*

Scope/Sights: Battle sight / flip up vernier

Condition: New

Serial No: 41C2131

Firearms Licence Number: 10119864-01

Transferring Dealer: Buyers Nominee

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