Metal Replica M18 Smoke Grenades

Metal Replica M18 Smoke Grenades
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Metal replica M18 smoke grenades
All metal with spring loaded safety lever and removable pin/ring
Fuse removes
Correct stencilling and seem and taped vent holes for Vietnam War era M18 grenades
EMPTY inside - NOT deactivated - never were a real M18 Grenade-
MUSEUM grade replicas for display
All colours available including RED, VIOLET, GREEN, YELLOW, WHITE, CS Gas, RIOT and Incendiary

$ 95.00 each plus $ 10.00 post

Payment by Credit card, bank deposit or Paypal available message me or

call me 0417 006591


Calibre/Item: MISC - Metal Replica M18 Smoke Grenades

Make: Replica

Price: $95.00

Condition: New

Serial No: 03/17

Dealers Licence Number: 50001499

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