Just starting out? This is right up your alley

Just starting out? This is right up your alley Featured Ad

Heavy barrel Ruger M77 22.250 with 7 x 50 Me-Opta Scope, Brown leather sling & sheep skin lined hand carved leather carry case. (123 factory load rounds + 277 un-loaded shells (PICK UP ONLY)).

ASM Rifle safe will hold up to 10 rifles, Lyman Turret Master loading press, RCBS FLR 22.250 dies, RCBS FLR 6.5 x 55 dies, Hornady Magnetic Scales, Hornady Case Trimmer, Redding Micrometre Powder Thrower, Lee Auto-Prime Primer seater-small & large rifle, 1 x Laser Site, Rifle cleaning station/stand, assorted cleaning gear + ram rods, Impact bullet puller, Bore sighter & Some misc parts & accessories, i.e. 2 x bullet racks, some gun powder, projectiles, scope rings, oil, gun blue etc. Please phone or email for more info & photos!


Calibre/Item: 22-250

Make: Ruger

Action: Bolt

Price: $5,000.00

Model: Ruger M77 Bull barrel

Scope/Sights: 7 x 50 Me-Opta

Condition: Very Good

Serial No: 77-45881

Firearms Licence Number: 10047072

Transferring Dealer: Gold Coast Shooters Supplies

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