Jericho 941F Pistol Nickel Finish

Jericho 941F Pistol Nickel Finish Featured Ad

Hardly used, has fired no more than 2000 rounds. It comes with 1 spare magazine. The Model F Nickel Finish Jerichos are extremely rare.

They are a magnificent Israely handgun with a reputation for durability and accuracy.

It can be fired on double action, or cocked and loaded.

It is fitted with Tritium sights.

IMPORTANT: Please check with your nominated firearms dealer about the type of licence you need to own this pistol BEFORE making enquiries. I have included a picture the length of the length of the pistol.

Buyers pay for transfer costs. The pistol will be delivered to your nominated dealer by insured person to person registered post.
I will let you know of the cost of freight on application.


Calibre/Item: 9mm

Make: Israel Military Industries Limited IMI

Action: Semi Auto

Price: $600.00

Model: Jericho 941F

Scope/Sights: Tritium Sights

Barrel Length: (mm): 112 (4/4″)

Condition: Very Good

Serial No: F08004

Firearms Licence Number: 404413258

Transferring Dealer: Buyers Nominee

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