Jericho 941 FB Israel Military Industries Limited

Jericho 941 FB Israel Military Industries Limited Featured Ad

It is in very good conditions and has fired approximately 10000 rounds. It has been meticulously serviced as a service sidearm.

It comes with 1 spare magazine. The Model FB Jerichos are rare.

It is a magnificent Israeli handgun with a reputation for durability and accuracy.

It features the legendary Jericho grip, reliable mechanism and superb trigger.

It can be fired on double action, or cocked and loaded.

It is fitted with Tritium sights.

IMPORTANT: Please check with your nominated firearms dealer about the type of licence you need to own this pistol BEFORE making enquiries. I have included a picture the length of the length of the pistol.

Buyer pays for transfer costs.

The pistol will be delivered to your nominated dealer by insured person to person registered post. No personal pickup available.

I will let you know of the cost of freight on application.


Calibre/Item: 9mm

Make: Israel Military Industries Limited IMI

Action: Semi Auto

Price: $500.00

Model: Jericho 941 FB

Scope/Sights: Tritium Sights

Barrel Length: Barrel length (mm): 89 (3.5) Total length (mm): 184 Weight weapon only): .App 695g

Condition: Good

Serial No: 158321

Firearms Licence Number: 404413258

Transferring Dealer: Buyers Nominee

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