Interarms Mark x Mini Mauser

Interarms Mark x Mini Mauser
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Interarms mark x mini mauser.
Relatively unused actionand stock with a used .222 Remington barrel chambered to 223 in good condition fitted.
A very compact and loght rifle ideal for a junior or lady shooter.
On test firing with reloaded ammo produced 1/2 moa group at 100
Fitted with 3-9x40 scope.
Complete rifle for the value of the action.


Calibre/Item: 223

Make: Interarms

Action: Bolt

Price: $500.00

Model: Mini mauser

Scope/Sights: 3-9×40

Barrel Length: 22 inches

Condition: Very Good

Serial No: 20243

Dealers Licence Number: 403165926

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