Colt 1911A1 US Army c1945 Un-issued 45acp Semi Auto Pis

Colt 1911A1 US Army c1945 Un-issued 45acp Semi Auto Pis
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Colt 1911A1 US Army c1945 un-issued 45acp Semi Auto Pistol. Probably an arsenal build and produced pistol sometime from after the 2nd World War, to the Korean Theatre and through to the Vietnam War. The US Army had large stock piles of 1911A1 parts largely left over after the end of WW2. During the 1950’s most pistols would have been assembled from what ever new parts were available. This would have been from any of the major manufacturers such as Colt, Remington and Ithaca and put into service. This pistol shows no sign of use as can be seen from the images. There is no indentation from the firing pin on the hammer face and the barrel bore has a mirror finish. Parkerizing to the metal work is also un-marred with prefect screw slots. Ordnance inspector Initials are 'FJA' for Col. Frank Atwood who would normally be associated with Ithaca and Remington pistols. Still a rare specimen for the collector of military paraphernalia.


Calibre/Item: 45 ACP

Make: Colt

Action: Semi Auto

Price: $4,950.00

Model: 1911A1

Condition: New

Serial No: 2071705

Dealers Licence Number: 9993958

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