Classic Hunting Rifle and Cartridge

Classic Hunting Rifle and Cartridge

Rifle is in very good condition, a couple of scratches on floorplate and trigger guard, Douglas barrel fired 40 or 50 shots since new, factory Ruger rings, stock re-finished with hand rubbed oil finish. Includes Herters 2 die set, full length sizing and seating, along with 100 S&B cases, most brand new, remainder once fired.
No groups shot for accuracy, just loaded 40 sighted in and then used for one hunt. More photos available on request.


Calibre/Item: 7x57 Mauser

Make: Ruger M77R

Action: Bolt 5 shot

Price: $850.00

Model: M77R

Scope/Sights: Nil

Condition: Very Good

Serial No: 72-37798

Firearms Licence Number: 407055708

Transferring Dealer: Riverina Hunting and Fishing

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