KIDD Charger 22LR Pistol REVIEW

KIDD Charger 22LR Pistol REVIEW

The BUY USED GUNS Team review the KIDD (Charger) Pistol chambered in 22LR


Welcome readers! As usual we have been hard at work putting another great gun through its paces to help you decide whether it is worth your hard earned dollars.



This time we are taking a look at the KIDD Pistol chambered in 22LR. KIDD are well known for making high-end quality parts and complete rifles/pistols that are a copy of the popular Ruger 10/22 rifle and Charger pistol.



Ok we may need to clarify the actual pistol being reviewed here. Our pistol was actually assembled using various parts KIDD parts. As you may be aware, the Ruger Charger which our KIDD pistol is a copy of, is simply a 10/22 with a shorter (10 inch usually) barrel manufactured and sold as a pistol. Our KIDD pistol is no different. We aren't going to go into the in's and out's of the 10/22 and its many features. There are literally TONNES of 10/22 and Charger reviews already on the internet. If you aren't familiar with them, have a read.

You can check out the full line of KIDD parts and complete rifles/pistols available at the following link;

Basically what you need to know, KIDD are well known for manufacturing some of the best 10/22 parts. After spending many months shooting and testing our KIDD pistol, we would agree. The spec's on our pistol are as follows (copied from the above website);


  • 10/22® style aftermarket slip fit receiver
  • durable anodized finish
  • billet aluminum
  • rear access cleaning hole
  • optional v-block, rear tang, take down screw, bolt buffer, and pins
  • specialized interchangeable scope base
  • Zero scope base


  • 10" KIDD stainless steel aftermarket pistol barrel (weighing two pounds)


  • CNC Machined steel from billet
  • Proper head spacing and firing pin protrusion
  • Hardened for durability
  • "pinned" firing pin for consistent ignition
  • Radiused and polished for improved cycling


  • KIDD Two Stage Trigger Unit (silver, red trigger blade)




We are going to jump straight in to talking about the quality of this pistol. Simply put, it is excellent. The precision and craftsmanship of KIDD guns and parts is very high. We could not find any machining marks or imperfections on our pistol. All lines and edges are perfect, even the bolt cycled straight out of the box silky smooth. It's as if it has already been worn in with thousands of rounds. 

We have included two photos below as an example of the precision used in manufacturing. When we first picked up our new KIDD pistol we thought the compensator was integral with the barrel. If you look closely at the left photo you can see a fine line which separates the barrel and threaded compensator. Our barrel was threaded with the common 22 calibre thread size - 1/2x28TPI.




We will let KIDD have the final say of the craftsmanship of their barrels and trigger groups;

'We believe these are the finest barrels on the market, each one is hand lapped. Our stainless steel barrel is bored and rifled by Lothar Walther in Germany. Tony Kidd then performs all the final machining to make our match barrel a worthy KIDD product. A proprietary chamber reamer is used to ensure the cartridge and bullet feed smoothly. Our barrels are chambered to accept .22 ammo and have a 1:16 twist. The unique convex extractor slot eliminates extraction problems by ensuring the extractor is always in perfect alignment with the case rim.'




'Our trigger guard is CNC machined from 6061 T6 billet aluminum and each assembly. The hammer, sear, transfer bar and other internal tool steel parts are CNC machined and cut by a wire EDM. All springs are manufactured by a .22 aficionado and KIDD customer Murphy & Read Springs. We assemble each trigger in the KIDD shop employing the strictest quality control knowing our reputation rides on every trigger.'

The KIDD receiver is of course CNC machined aluminum and the bolt CNC machined steel. Each part is first class and made to within the tightest of tolerances. 




Our KIDD has digested thousands of rounds but you wouldn't know it. The usual wear marks on the bolt and receiver are non-existent. We were able to find some marks on the barrel where the bolt touches as it feeds in a new round, but thats it. We won't go into the calibre of our KIDD pistol. You all know the 22LR round - cheap, low powered (despite what the media like to think) and fun to shoot.



As expected we found the accuracy to be excellent. We have shot quite a few rifles and pistols chambered in 22LR in our time and with a few exceptions we have found the more expensive 22LR ammunition will generally shoot better than the cheaper stuff. The KIDD digested every type of ammunition without fuss. To really test the accuracy of our KIDD pistol we transferred the barrel and action to a full 10/22 stock and mounted a variable magnification scope - a Vortex Viper PST to be exact (very nice scope).



The best group we achieved is below - not bad at 50 metres with a 10 inch barrel. Typically most ammunition shot around the one inch mark at 50m with surprisingly no real preference for the cheap or expensive ammunition. Every 22LR chambered rifle and pistol we shoot always surprises us ammunition wise with the KIDD being no exception! As we always remind readers we are not benchrest champions so the accuracy of your rifle or pistol will depend on your skills and equipment. Ours was shot with a front and rear rest and little to no wind. 




If you do some research you will find a lot of hype around the KIDD single stage and two stage triggers. Our KIDD has the two stage unit installed as we have a personal preference for two stage. Our trigger had a consistent first stage take-up of one pound followed by a second stage break of two pounds. The trigger was smooth and broke like glass. Triggers have always been a personal preference among shooters however we can honestly say it is the nicest 10/22 trigger we have ever used. 



Safety is typical Ruger push button style. The safety is easily activated by extending your shooting finger to just forward of the trigger. Our KIDD also came with an extended magazine release lever. Dropping a magazine was quick and easy, simply move your hand forward of the trigger and use the top of your index finger to push the lever forward. 



Our KIDD accepted all types of 10/22 mags we had on hand and fed rounds without issue. Again make sure you use quality Ruger factory mags. There are plenty of other brands making 10/22 mags but we have found Ruger to make the most reliable and robust mags. The photo below includes all Ruger mags besides the clear single stack ten rounder which is made by Butler Creek, they are also a quality mag. 




This is always an issue especially when it comes to rimfire semi auto's. We have never found a 22LR semi auto that doesn't at least jam up occasionally, it the nature of the beast. We can happily report however that fail to feeds and fail to extracts were almost non-existent with our KIDD pistol. The occasional jam usually came from cheap ammunition which we can safely assume is more of a ammunition quality issue than a firearm issue. The cheap ammunition also had its fair share of mis-fires. 



KIDD rifles and pistols are high end and arguably the best on the market. if you buy the best, feed it the cheapest ammunition and complain about reliability issues than you have only yourself to blame! KIDD firearms are made with extreme precision and attention to detail. Shoot ammunition through your KIDD that has had the same treatment during manufacturing and you won't have any issues.



If you, like countless other shooters over the decades, love your 10/22 and/or Charger and want to upgrade to the best there is, KIDD should be firmly in your sights. We have never handled or shot a 10/22 with such a high level of quality and workmanship. 

Can't afford to buy an entire pistol or rifle? No worries because all of KIDD's parts and accessories can be purchased separately to upgrade your existing 10/22 or Charger. We would highly recommend upgrading to the trigger unit and barrel at the very least. As you might expect KIDD parts and accessories are not cheap, they will need to be imported and prices will vary. Complete rifles as per their website start at about US$1000 (2015). Expensive for some but how do you put a price on perfection?

Head down to your local dealer and don't forget your wallet!



You can check out the full line up of KIDD parts, accessories, complete rifles and pistols at



  • Quality, reliability, accuracy - all A+
  • Hyped as the best complete guns and parts you can buy for the 10/22 (and we tend to agree)



  • Not cheap, but you get what you pay for



There are so many options when building a complete KIDD rifle/pistol or upgrading your own, so specifications such as length and weight will vary. Check out the above website for more details on the parts you are wanting.


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