CZ612 'Horde Control Pump' REVIEW

CZ612 'Horde Control Pump' REVIEW

The BUY USED GUNS Team Review the CZ 612     HC-P Pump Action Shotgun 


Welcome readers and thanks for taking the time to read another one of our reviews. We spend a lot of time putting our reviewed guns through their paces so we hope the below information will assist you if you are looking at purchasing a new pump action shotgun. 

The CZ 612 line of Turkish made pump action shotguns is quite diverse. Shotguns are offered in various barrel lengths from 18.5 to 32 inches with different coatings and intended uses from home defence to game bird hunting. The HC-P most closely resembles the 'home defence' line of shotguns with a slightly longer barrel (20 inch v 18.5 inch) and different stock, forend and sights. The 612 'Home Defence' seems to be a good alternative to the HC-P, especially if you like the feel and use of a more traditional stock and can get away with an inch and half less barrel. 


What do I get for my money?

Open your box and you will find your new shotgun, manual, choke tool and.....that's about it - but what else do you need? This shotgun is setup straight out of the box. Interestingly enough the shotgun comes with a magazine plug restricting the capacity of the tube magazine. Luckily it is easily removed via instructions in the manual giving you the full 5+1 capacity. The manual states the plug is installed to comply with your countries magazines restrictions (if applicable). Luckily the maximum capacity of the tube magazine is five shells with the plug removed, so no problem for us!



Supplied and already installed was one 'Improved Cylinder' choke which should handle any sort of 12GA ammo you want to use. Other chokes are available from CZ-USA. You would be correct in thinking the 'Hoard Control Pump' is a reference to dispatching the walking dead. Taken straight from the CZ-USA website page for the HC-P; 'With the HC-P (Horde Control Pump), you won't be under-gunned when zombie hordes fill the streets.'  

At the time of writing this review the zombie apocalypse is yet to occur so we will have to take CZ's word on that one. 


Size and Weight

The HC-P is fitted with a 20 inch barrel and with an empty weight of 6.5 pounds, it is light weight and easy to manoeuvre around. The shotgun was very well balanced and a pleasure to shoot, we even managed to knock over a few feral pests from the car window, something which can be difficult with long barrelled firearms.




Shooting the CZ 612 HC-P

We ran quite a lot of shells (hundreds - we lost count) through our HC-P and we are pleased to say it did not jam or misfeed in any way (with the exception of accidental short strokes).



Just for a bit of fun whilst testing reliability we shot some 00 Buckshot at some reactive targets. Results are below (Shot at 5 metres and 15 metres respectively). We would certainly dislike being at the business end of a 12 gauge with buckshot at close range. The ability to accept up to 3 inch shells is always a bonus giving you a great selection of 12 gauge ammo to choose from. 




Stock and Forend

The HC-P comes equipped with a matte black synthetic stock and forend which lends to the shotguns entire 'tactical' look and feel. The pistol grip is a slightly larger than an AR-15 grip and is ribbed for extra grip. The grip felt good in our hands and very natural. The stock is equipped with sling attachments either side and towards the front of the magazine tube, should you feel you need one. The front sling attachment can also be moved to protrude left and right (as well as straight down as in our photos). 




The forend is made from a tough plastic and again is ribbed for extra grip. The forend is wide and long and we had no issues when pumping the action fast. There is a small but pad to absorb some recoil but you will still get a bit of a kick from the 12 gauge round. The stock and forend were sturdy and we found no issues with the quality or workmanship. Plastic seems to be appearing more and more on new guns these days, whether you are a fan or not that's up to you. We prefer the synthetic stocks especially if your gun is going to get bumped and knocked around.




On top you will find ghost ring front and rear fibre optic sights (red and green) with an attached picatinny rail should you wish to attach some type of optic. We loved the fibre optic sights, target acquisition was quick, easy and accurate enough for the intended ranges of this shotgun. 




Would we mount an optic like a red dot sight? It depends on the application. The open sights are quite clear and quick to get a sight picture, again it's up the end-user. We liked the generously sized blades to protect the front and rear sights, another nod to its robustness. 


Trigger and Safety

We measured a consistent 4.5 pound pull on the single action trigger. There is a bit of creep however it is certainly smooth enough and more than suited to shotgunning duties. Just behind the trigger you will find a push button safety easily toggled with your index finger and thumb when holding the pistol grip. You may have read in our other reviews we don't believe in using safeties. Unless we about to discharge a firearm we don't have any rounds in the chamber. We did like the position of the safety and its ease of use however. Should you be carrying the shotgun whilst loaded, it would not take but a second to toggle the safety off if you needed to discharge the shotgun in a hurry. 




Stripping the HC-P couldn't be simpler, screw off the magazine end cap and your barrel and sling attachment slide straight off allowing you further remove the forend and internal working parts for a complete strip down. We are usually content with running a bore snake through our shotguns unless they have had heavy use. Either way cleaning this shotgun is anything but a chore. Unlike its semi-automatic cousins, there are no gases or crud being pushed back into the action and after firing hundreds of shells the action was still relatively clean.




The CZ 612 HC-P may be marketed as a budget shotgun but we found nothing to indicate it won't go the distance with other more well known manufactures of pump action shotguns. The finish seems durable as do the working parts and accessories. The fit between the stock/forend and the metal work was excellent with no unsightly or uneven fitting. The metal work itself was flawless, no sharp edges or defects with a nice smooth glossy finish. Needless to say we were very impressed especially when this is essentially a shotgun sold for around the $300 mark in other countries such as the USA. 

Whilst we certainly didn't torture test this shotgun we are confident it will serve a shooter well with the proper care and maintenance. 




We enjoyed our time with the CZ-USA 612 HC-P and can certainly recommend this shotgun to anyone in the market for a pump action 12 gauge. The quality including fit and finish are excellent, as was the reliability (flawless in fact). We loved the short barrel and pistol grip as we felt it made the shotgun very user friendly. We have no doubts almost anyone could pick this shotgun up and immediately feel comfortable and effective in its use. The sights are clear and accurate and picatinny rail is a welcome addition, especially for mounting optics. 

The only real negative aspect we can mention about the HC-P or CZ 612 shotguns in general is the lack of aftermarket accessories. Having said that this shotgun is ready to go out of the box and we can't think of any accessories that would substantially improve the shotgun in any way. Maybe a side saddle shell holder? Maybe accessories aren't your thing? Either way make sure you shoulder a HC-P if you're in the market for your next 'zombie gun'. 



We hope you enjoyed reading our review of the HC-P. Feel free to leave us some feedback or any other comments below.



  • Quality, reliable and user friendly
  • Short barrel and very well balanced
  • Fantastic open sights with options to mount other optics/accessories
  • Easy maintenance



  • Lack of aftermarket accessories


Specifications (as listed by CZ-USA)

Barrel Length: 20 Inches

Weight: 6.5 pounds (verified by us)

Overall Length: 39.5 inches

Length of Pull: 14.5 inches


The CZ-USA 612-HC-P used by the Buy Used Guns Review Team was imported through one of our very own dealers, SINGLE HIT ARMAMENTS



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