Authentic Circa 18th Century Antique Musket Flint Lock

Authentic Circa 18th Century Antique Musket Flint Lock

Authentic original antique, circa 18th century (or possibly very early 19th century) flintlock mechanism in full working order. This lock was recently found in Rockhampton, Qld. .... an extremely rare discovery indeed for this region .... and has been sympathetically restored to close to its original "as-new" condition and to full working function.

The entire lock has been carefully chemically treated with rust remover ONLY .... NO polishing or buffing has been performed on any part. All cutting, grinding, filling and stamping marks have been retained as per the original workmanship. Only the screws holding the lock parts together have been replaced with new ones .... the originals being in a very poor state (all original screws kept for curiosity too).

Most of the original polish (and lack of rust pitting) on the external parts is due purely to their relative hardness, and possibly their alloy(?). The parts all still bear honest witness to their means and skill of manufacture .... whilst not of the finest workmanship .... the lock never-the-less exhibits a very robust, solid, strong and lasting feel to it.

This is NOT a modern reproduction lock.

The lock is numbered on many of its major parts with the number "12", as well as a couple of other unknown marks on the inside of the lockplate. The cock, frizzen and frizzen spring bear filer's special coded nicks on their back faces. The external face of the lockplate is unmarked/unsigned.

Two additional screws are also included (not pictured) to permit the mounting of the lock to a stock. They are extra-long to permit trimming to final length.

My asking price includes postage within Australia.


Calibre/Item: MISC - Authentic Circa 18th Century Antique Musket Flint Lock

Price: $675.00

Condition: Excellent

Firearms Licence Number: 10124655-01

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