Alangator TriMag Ruger BX-1 Magazine Coupler and Pouch Combo

Alangator TriMag Ruger BX-1 Magazine Coupler and Pouch Combo

ALANGATOR TACTICAL TRIMAG & POUCH COMBO $85 with Free Express Post Included

Includes one TriMag to suit Ruger BX-1 magazines and one TriMag pouch

Triple Your Round Count From 10 to 30!

TriMag™ connects three BX-1 factory magazines to suit any Ruger American .22lr rimfire, Ruger 77/22 rimfire, Ruger Charger pistols and any Ruger firearm that utilizes the BX-1 ten round magazine. The patented TriMag™ design does not require any glue or adhesive. It only requires a standard screwdriver or coin to assemble/disassemble in the field or home.

Our design is unique in the way magazines are clamped together with no modifications to the original magazine, or use of glue or adhesives. Ours can be taken apart at any time and a magazine replaced or serviced.

TriMag™ is very popular – it has become a standard accessory for avid 10/22 owners, competition shooters, and recreational shooters alike.

TriMag™ is legal in high capacity magazine ban states. If your magazine is legal, TriMag is legal.

Ruger has tested and endorsed TriMag™, selling it under their label. The TriMag™ was featured on the first page of the catalog distributed to attendees of the 2010 Shot Show held in Las Vegas.
Ruger BX-1 magazines – the magazine fitting TriMag – are now retailed in packs of three! We take credit for influencing that change!

Additional benefits of TriMag:

It uses standard 10 round factory Ruger magazines, the most prolific, dependable, and popular magazine on the market.
It supports the rifle in an upright position when inserted.
When removed, the shape allows for easier loading of the magazines by simply providing more bulk to hold on to, and a steady platform for the upright magazine when placed on a flat surface.
TriMag eliminates the frustration of “sticky” magazine removal, a fairly common problem It also enables user to quickly access three different types on ammunition pre loaded in the individual magazines.
The shape of TriMag doesn’t interfere with your forearm when firing as extended magazines are famous for. Bench firing is more convenient - the shooter doesn’t have to move out of position to change magazines.

Keep your extra TriMag or TriMagnum assembly handy!

TriMag Pouch attaches to your belt or MOLLE in a convenient location of your choice.

TriMag Pouch was designed by a combat veteran for his personal use. High quality USA made using MILSPEC materials and manufactured to the same standards as military equipment.

Please see our other listing for TriMag or TriMagnum including pouch at a discounted price!!

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Calibre/Item: MAGAZINES - Alangator TriMag Ruger BX-1 Magazine Coupler and Pouch Combo

Price: $85.00

Condition: New

Firearms Licence Number: 408866756

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