Frequently Asked Questions

Firearm Dealers

Is a dealer?
How do I place ad(s) as a dealer?
Why do I have to supply my dealership licence and other details?
How do I advertise my business on

Creating and Listing Ads

How long will my ad run on
What is a featured ad?
What are some hints or tips for creating a good ad?
Why do I have to display my firearms licence number and nominate a dealer?
I don't need a Firearms Licence to sell my Firearm/Item
Should I provide a phone number for buyers?
What can I list on
Why are you free to advertise? Is there a catch?
Will my details be used for marketing purposes?
My ad will not submit?
How long until my ad is processed and listed?
My item won't sell?
What happens to my information after my ad is expired?
I am receiving non-genuine/nuisance/abusive messages to my listings
Taking photos for your listing
Can I list multiple Firearms/Items in a single ad?
Duplicate Listings
The Price was removed from my Private listings 'Description' Field?
I am not receiving Emails from your website?
Can I Remove and Re-list my Free ads as much as I want?

Buying Items Listed On

Beware of frauds and scams
How do I buy and/or enquire about an item?
What if the seller does not reply to my messages?
Are the details listed on the ad correct?
What if I believe an ad is a scam/fraudulent/not genuine?
What do the item condition terms mean exactly?