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Buy Used Guns is your number one place for buying and selling all manner of firearms and firearm related parts and accessories within Australia. Buy Used Guns lists and sells used and new rifles, shotguns, handguns, black powder guns, ammunition, crossbows, bows, semi auto guns, pump action guns, lever action guns and even air rifles and air pistols.

Buy Used Guns ads are quick and easy to list with the option for dealers to create an account and manage their ads. Advertising space is also available for your Australian business at competitive rates. Free ads run for three months or until sold. Featured ads run until sold. Users can list as many ads as they wish with no limit. Private users do not need to create an account, simply go to the advertise page and submit a free firearm and/part/accessory ad and it will be reviewed and listed within 24hrs.

Buy Used Guns is a reliable, safe and quick way to sell your firearm. Your details are always kept secure and only an email address and shooters licence number is mandatory for private users to list an ad. Dealers are required to provide more information to create an account and list ads. Users can also list looking for ads for free if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Buy Used Guns is 100% Australian owned and operated by firearm enthusiasts. Not only do we help you sell your gun we also have a great knowledge of firearms. Our mission is to help buyers and sellers find and sell the gun they want with minimal fuss and complications.



  • More About Buy Used Guns

    Here are a few things you may not have known about Buy Used Guns:

    The team behind Buy Used Guns don’t just run a website. We are firearms enthusiasts. We have been around firearms and shooting our whole lives. That’s why we do this.

    Buy Used Guns also sponsors major online shooting communities such as and and if you are on these forums you will see us on there regualrly answering quesitons and even running give aways.

    Buy Used guns is the easiest site of it’s kind to use. There is no need for private sellers to create an account. Submitting an ad is quick and easy, all you need to do is complete one simple form (click Advertise above)…. And, over 90% of submitted ads are live within the hour.

    All feautured ads on Buy Used Guns are advertised on 4 different websites including:, Facebook ( and the forums we are active in ( and

  • Used Guns and Accessories

    We work with a network of trusted dealers and all private sales are overseen by a sponsoring dealer. Sellers must display their firearms license number, and all other details (while not made public) are held by Buy Used Guns.

    We have a very easy process to contact sellers through the site using the online forms or use the other contact details displayed on the site.

    There is also a condition grading system from fair to excellent so that you know what you are buying.

  • New Gun Sales Australia

    Check out our dealer listings by clicking the Dealers link above to find a range of listings for new firearms and accessories. All new firearms have the condition listed a “New”.

    If you see this you can rest assured that the firearm is sold as new and unused.

  • What You Will Find On Our Site

    On buy used guns you will find almost all makes and models of firearms and accessories including some popular ranges such as: Tactical bolt action rifles in 223 and 308 calibres, Semi Automatic pistols in 9mm, Tactical shotguns in 12 gauge, break action, under and over U/O